Anti Con Art

The Anti Con Art series is my reaction and reflection to Modern Conceptual Art (AKA Con Art). If you’re interested in an amusing rant of mine on the subject, my ‘Anti Con Art Manifesto’ resides online here.

“Seeing Dots”

2 layer artwork. Top layer is a ripped photo print – underneath is the ballpoint pen drawing on paper. 2014.

“But all I see… are, just coloured dots…”

I’m sure a few people have uttered these words over the years in front of a certain YBA’s paintings…

“Audrey Art Conned”

Ballpoint pen and paint on paper. 95x65cm. 2014.
‘Art In Theory’ is a book given to all art students and is the bible for the Postmodern Art movement, from Marcel Duchamp to the YBAs. it’s full of very pretentious arty language that for me signifies the falseness at the heart of Modern / contemporary conceptual art (AKA Con Art). This artwork is expressing how that stuff seems to hoodwink young art professionals, turning them into (for lack of better words) fools, and is the root for the much of the incestuous corruption at the top of the modern art world. Just my opinion though really!


Ballpoint pen, spray paint, and gouache paint on paper, 52x33cm (unframed), 2014.

First bird: “What is she trying to find out anyway?”
Second bird: “If Conceptualism is real life or just make believe”.

“Speculative Realism”

Ballpoint pen and paint on paper, 82x72cm (inc frame), 2014.
This artwork is my reaction to a saying I read by philosopher Graham Harman, on the condescendingly sounding subject of ‘Speculative Realism‘: “artists sound pathetically naive if they refer to their works as motivated by beauty.”
If you can’t read the speech bubble in the artwork, Audrey Hepburn is saying:

“Oh Bambi! I wonder why Speculative Realists REALLY think this is too naive..!”.


“Just Blast It!!”

Just Blast It
Mixed media on card. 40x30cm.
Inspired by Jeff Koons & Star Wars. The ATST drivers’ speech bubbles:

DRIVER 1: “WTF is that thing”
DRIVER 2: “Just BLAST It!!”