Contemporary Drawing

My more contentious and politicized artworks.

“Crying Shame”

Crying Shame (SML)Very rarely do I get political with my work but this guy had it coming. I think it speaks for itself.
I created it in ballpoint pens & spray paint (for the background) on paper. A blown u poster of the artwork was up on display on London’s Regent’s Park platform for a while (see below, more info here), also below is a work in progress photo.
40x30cm (unframed). 2017. Sold.

“Pablo Peso”

Pablo Escobar on a Colombian banknote. 2 layer artwork, the first layer being the ballpoint drawing on paper (of the drug lord) then the torn out enlarged banknote on top. Took 6 weeks to draw him in ballpoint. Video below showing the whole process.
A limited edition of 35 prints are available to view/order here.

77x60cm (unframed). 2016. Sold.

“Eyes Wide Shut”

Ballpoint pen, crayon, spray paint on card, 42x32cm (unframed), 2016, Sold.
I created this drawing (based on a photo taken by Chris Levine) for a group exhibition celebrating The Queen’s 90th birthday. It also pays homage to the year’s passing of British pop legend David Bowie.
Limited edition of 50 prints were released (now sold out).

“Hepburn Gag”

Black and Red ballpoint pen on paper. 50x40cm. 2013. Sold.
Limited edition of 80 prints were released (now sold out). For the whole background story on this work click here.

“Red Rock @ Standing Cloud”

I created this artwork for an exhibition in collaboration with Climate Revolution, GCU & The Body Shop, helping raise awareness of Green Energy. This artwork is about the DAPL which was coming to a head at Standing Rock with the protests there at the time.
More info on the artwork and the exhibition here.
Ballpoint pen, markers, inks, paints, & collage on board. 60x43cm (unframed) – 80x63cm framed. 2017. Sold.

“Return Fire”

Anon art - Return Fire
Ballpoint pen, markers, & spray paint on paper. 99x75cm (unframed). 2015. Sold.
For more information on this artwork see this link here.

“Rise Above & Tears Of Liberty”

“Rise Above” (Left), is about transcending our attachments & desire for nice things that we all have and grow up with in society. Ballpoint pen, spray paint, crayon, and marker on card,
30x30cm (unframed size). Sold.
“Tears of Liberty” (Right), is about the continuing degradation of the USA’s policies and it’s own internal struggles. Sad coincidence that I finished this artwork on the day of the Las Vegas mass shooting. Ballpoint pen & spray paint on card, 30x30cm (unframed size). Sold.

“Audrey Swears”

Ballpoint pen, markers, & spray paint on paper. 46x36cm (unframed). 2015. Sold.
A limited edition of 50 prints are available to order here.


Ballpoint pen and spray paints on paper. 70x50cm. 2009. Sold.

“Monroe Gag”

Ballpoint pens, fine marker, & Krink ink on paper. 35x30cm (unframed). 2016. Sold.
My first ever drawing of Marilyn Monroe. It’s a sister artwork to “Hepburn Gag” (further down page). More info here.


“Corporatocracy”, Ballpoint pen & paint on paper, 2014. Sold.
This is a political/fashion/hacktavist inspired piece…

“Who are @anonymous & WTF … even is a #Corporatocracy !”

For slightly more background information on this work click here.