Grandly Grimey

Grandly-Grimey-Title-ONLYGrandly Grimey is a body of work I started on with the goal of having my biggest solo exhibition to date formed out of. The show was a great success, packed with hundreds of people on the opening at Westbank Gallery, Notting Hill, London. For more info on the show see this page

“Marie Anne-Twist”

Ballpoint pen & spray paint on card, 35x28cm (unframed). 2016. Sold.
Limited edition of 15 hand finished prints of this artwork were created. For more info and to order see this page here.
Please see below video showing how this artwork was created.
Based on painting of Marie Antoinette by Joseph Ducreux, a few extra bits were added including her choke, her tattoo, and the punk bracelet on her left wrist.

“Queen Of The Hood”

Ballpoint pen, gouache paint, spray paint, and markers on board. 65x55cm (framed). 2016. Sold.
Based on the painting “Queen Regent’ by Annigoni (1954), re contextualized for the more urban temperament.

“Marie Anne-Bunny”

Ballpoint pens and spray paint on card. 50x42cm (unframed). 2016. Sold.
This one took 90 hours to draw. Based on painting of Marie Antoinette by Joseph Ducreux, below you can see a comparison between the original painting and my drawing, and the artwork on show at the opening of grandly Grimey.

“De La Whatever”

Pens, markers, paints, inks, and collage on board. 60x50cm (unframed). 2016. Sold.

“Release The Sickness”

Ballpoint pen, crayon, marker, spray paint, & acrylic on card. 40x30cm (unframed). 2016. Sold.
Based on a painting by the famous Rococo artist Francois Boucher.

“Grandly Grimey Chairs & Cushions”

2 vintage chairs re painted & re-upholstered with Grandly Grimey designed fabric. 2016.
Each chair: Height: 96cm, Width: 60cm, Depth: 56cm. Contact for availability.

“What’s Your Poison”

Pens, markers, paints, inks, and collage on board. 60x45cm (unframed). 2016. Sold.
Top layer is ripped Giclee print revealing artwork underneath.

“What. Is. She. Wearing!”

Ballpoint pen, spray paint, and markers on card. 40x40cm (framed). 2016. Sold.
More of a sketchy rendering, based on a painting of an unknown young lady by Francois Boucher.

“JRM Desktop 9″

Ballpoint pen, other pens, markers, paints, inks, and collage on board. 70x60cm (unframed). 2016. Sold.

“Some Unfinished Business”

Based on painting of an unknown gentleman by Allan Ramsey (UK), 18th Century.
Ballpoint pen, acrylic, spray paint, and markers on board. 41x30cm (unframed). 2016. Sold.

“A Little Rococo Glitch Up”

Ballpoint pen and spray paint on card. 30x40cm (framed). 2016. Sold.
Based on painting by Francois Boucher, digital glitch adaption, mount board also used for glitch.

“Modern Wonderland & The Girl With The Prada Sunglasses”

Left: Ballpoint pen, markers, crayon, spray paint, stamps on paper, 75x50cm (unframed). Sold.

Right: Hand finished Giclee print on canvas with acrylics. 2 of 2. 100x76cm. Sold.
I originally drew the image of “The Girl With The Pearl Earring” in ballpoint pen a few years ago on paper for BIC. For this artwork I added a background digitally then printed onto 400gsm canvas, and added the Prada sunglasses in acrylic paint. This even became a poster on the tube in London, more info at this page here.

Queen In The Hood 2

Ballpoint, markers, paints, inks, and collage on board.
60x45cm (unframed). 2016. Sold.