This page just lists recent works, they’re not categorised so they will also appear in their respective categories that are linked from the home page here.

“JRM Desktop 8.5″

Ballpoint pens, pencil, markers, spray paints, and acrylic paint on card.
24x20cm, 2016, sold.

“Hep Burns”

It’s called Hep Burns because that’s no cigarette she’s smoking. This was a commission, very recently done. Diamond dust was used in the end on her jewellery.
Ballpoint pen and paint on paper. 65x55cm. Sold.

“Untitled Painting 1″

Collage and paints on canvas. 120x100cm. Nov 2015. For Sale
The Kate Moss image is a print from one of my ballpoint drawings that is pasted onto the canvas.
I love bit of abstract paintwork once in a while. Work in progress and detail images below.

“Speculative Realism”

55x45cm (unframed). ballpoint pen, gouache paint, & spray paint on paper. For Sale.

I created this originally This is the second version of this artwork. about a year ago, but I decided to get rid of the speech bubbles and instead add a colourful, playful background in spray paints.

“Audrey Swears”

Ballpoint pen, markers, & spray paint on paper. . 46x36cm (unframed). 2015. Sold.

“Bit of Peace & Love”

Ballpoint pens, markers, inks, acrylic, gouache & spray paints on mount board.
65x60cm (unframed). 2015. Sold.

“Samsara & The City”

Ballpoint pen, fine marker, spray paint, acrylic, and gold leaf on mount board. 85x60cm (unframed). 2015. For sale.
This artwork took about 11 weeks to create, 10 weeks drawing London city in biro & fine marker pens. For more information see here. Or just watch a video made for this/ around this piece below: