“Just A Kiss”

ballpoint pen, fine markers, spray paint, & acrylic on board.
60x43cm (unframed). 2016. Sold.

Summer of 83

Ballpoint pen, acrylic pen, and spray paint on card
30x30cm (not including frame). 2017. Sold.

“Chilled Hunter”

Hunter S Thompson. Ballpoint pen, markers, acrylic, spray paint on board, 62x62cm (inc frame).

“Untitled Painting 1″

Collage and paints on canvas. 120x100cm. Nov 2015. For Sale
The Kate Moss image is a print from one of my ballpoint drawings that is pasted onto the canvas.
I love bit of abstract paintwork once in a while. Work in progress and detail images below.

“Chinwaggin’ Samurai”

Ballpoint pen, paint pen, spray paint, acrylic paint, & krink ink on paper. 65x65cm. 2013. Sold.
I used an actual proper paint brush on this drawing, which was dangerous but exciting.
The samurai here is Toshiro Mifune, one of the actors in the classic “Seven Samurai” film. You can see from the detail image below, there is a degree of degradation in the image – it looks like old film footage – because I drew it from a small film still from 1956, ‘ripped’ off the web. I like the effect, and I like the juxtaposition it has with the clean background and highlight drips.

“A Way To Go”

Ballpoint pen on paper. 60x40cm. 2011. Sold.
I’ve put this artwork in the Contemporary category because there is a bit more of an idea behind this drawing compared to my other drawings of Kate Moss (which are mostly on the Generation X page).
Originally this photo of her (taken by Mario Testino) was for a Canon advert where she is holding their new compact camera. Very commercial. I replaced the camera with a business card displaying the Buddhist Dharma Wheel. Hence the title of the work “A Way To Go”, promoting Buddhist teaching over consumer product placement. Not super deep, but to the point.
The work was in a group exhibition at Stolen Space gallery in 2011 and found itself on the front cover of Addlib magazine.