On Lux Bags

The link between desire and suffering is one of the main tenets in Buddhism.
Our desire for things is, according to Buddhist teachings, why we find it so hard to achieve true happiness. Always wanting, always needing, when we get one thing we want more, more etc. Only when we learn to let go can we get on our way to enlightenment. So we should react more in horror to these luxury brands and their marketing (hence the crying and screaming in some of the works) than with covetous lusting.
Other works show the more “gritty” nature of fashion culture, that goes on behind the scenes

“Mia In Tiffanys”

Ballpoint pen on board in Tiffanys gift bag,
25 x 20cm (unframed size). Sold.

“Psycho On Chanel”


“Your lust for luxury brands like @CHANEL could be responsible for sending your pretty face to hell…”

Ballpoint pen & marker on Chanel gift bag, 23x18cm (unframed). Sold.
The above artwork & the “On Lux Bag” series covered in the video below.

“Open The Door”

Small ballpoint and marker drawing of Natalie Portman from Luc Besson’s cult classic 90s film Leon, on a miniature Chanel gift bag.
Ballpoint pen & marker on used Chanel gift bag, 35x24cm (including frame). Sold.

“Fading Tribalism on GUCCI 2″

This is a dancing/jumping Maasia tribal warrior drawn in ballpoint pen onto a used Gucci bag. I drew him in this glitched out way to represent how the vulnerable native tribes around the world are fading away. It’s drawn onto a Gucci bag as it represents how our consumerist culture is partially to blame for this fading away of vulnerable tribal lives and traditions on other continents.
Ballpoint pen on used Gucci bag, 52×36 (including frame). 2017. Sold.

Effectively this series is brandalism. Some of these drawings on designer gift bags are exploring a type of anti-consumerism or anti-capitalism, others are juxtaposing sub cultural references within the luxury lifestyle frame of reference almost as a middle finger to high street branding & advertising of fake lifestyle clichés.

“Audrey Swears On Chanel”

Ballpoint pen & marker on used Chanel gift bag,
23x18cm (unframed size). Sold

“Fading Tribalism on GUCCI”

Like above, ballpoint pen and markers used to draw this glitchy portrait of a tribal Amazonian shaman on a used Gucci bag.
The glitch effect represents how the vulnerable native tribes around the world are fading away at this very moment. The factors threatening these precious cultures are mostly driven by our Western Capitalism which is primarily driven by our own consumer society.
Ballpoint pen & markers on used Gucci bag. 70x50cm (including frame). 2017. Sold.

“Bonnie on La Perla”

Glitchy artwork of Bonnie Parker (from Bonnie & Clyde).
She was a confident young pretty lady with spare cash but probably wouldn’t be the type for La Perla, which is a little ironic I suppose hence the glitchy effect.
Ballpoint pen, markers, & spray paint on used La Perla bag. 52x46cm (framed). 2017.

“Anti Fascism On Hugo Boss”

The eagle here is tearing up a Nazi flag. It’s from an anti Nazi propaganda poster from WW2.
A little more political than my usual ballpoint drawings but seems appropriate with the recent rise of the so called “Alt Right” in Europe & the U.S.
Did you know that Hugo Boss saw a business opportunity in the 1930’s and joined the Nazi Party & SS? He made loads of money supplying Nazis with clothing and uniforms etc. Now it’s hard to calculate how many innocent people died at the hands of Nazis wearing Hugo Boss.
Ballpoint pens on used Hugo Boss bag. 60x50x15cm, 2017. Sold.

“Mia on Chanel”

Mia Wallace (Uma Therman in Tarantino’s 90s cult classic hit Pulp Fiction) in ballpoint pen and marker on this used small Chanel gift bag.
“Mia on Chanel”,
Ballpoint pen, marker, and spray paint on used Chanel gift bag,
37x33cm (including frame). SOLD.

“Beware of Desire & Sunset At Tiffanys”

Beware-of-Desire-Main-SML“Beware of Desire” – Ballpoint pen & blood (joke it’s paint) on Chanel gift bag, 35x25cm (inc frame). Sold.
“Sunset At Tiffanys” – Ballpoint pen & marker on burnt board in burnt Tiffanys & Co gift sleeve, 15x9cm (unframed size). Sold.