The Torn Series

The Torn Series is a unique collection of artworks I have been adding to since around 2013. The process is quite tricky; involving at least two layers that must perfectly fit together. One layer is a photographic print with areas torn out. The other is a photo-realistic drawing of the same, but slightly altered, image on paper. The two are then pressed and stuck together by hand. This part can only be attempted once.


A video showing the technique outlined above used to create the below artwork can be viewed on YouTube here.
Ballpoint pen, spray paint, & marker on paper, overlaid with ripped Giclee photographic print. 93x75cm (inc frame). 2014.
I organized a photoshoot (more info here) with Photographer Roger Eaton and stylist Laura Parkes to come up with a series of these artworks (more shown down page). The model in above artwork is Magda Swider.


The top layer is a Giclee print of a £10 note which I had blown up to about 80 x 60cm.
In case you are wondering my printers actually looked up the terms & conditions with The Bank Of England for legal clarification and all is legal, I’m told.
Anyway, from there I ripped out the part of the £10 note print that had the Queen’s head on. In the layer beneath, on paper, I drew (in ballpoint pen) a younger, better looking Queen Elizabeth 2nd. The drawing was done to blend in with the note above it, and shows through the ripped hole in the print.
There are limited edition prints of this work available here.


Below you can see two additional images. One show me in the process of drawing her face in Bic biro (ballpoint pen). The second image shows a close up of a detailed area illustrating the transition between the black and white drawing part and the colour photo layer above it.
Obviously you can see that in the photo she is wearing a studded jacket but in the drawing she is not. This required some careful photography and choreographing
The artwork is of accomplished model Jocette Coote. I also worked with stylist Laura Parkes and I was lucky enough to have photographer Roger Eatonto capture it all and help so much in the process, for more info, see here.


Photography by Ben Moore.


Ballpoint pen, spray paint, & Krink on paper, overlaid & underliad with ripped Giclee photographic print. 93x75cm (inc frame). 2014.
This is the only one with THREE layers. 1st layer is a ripped photo. Second layer is the drawing and 3rd photo layer on top.
A video showing the whole process of creating this work can be viewed on YouTube here.
Photography by Nick Delaney. Model, Natalia Stark.

“Magda S 1″ & “Magda S 2″



Torn glossy photo over ballpoint pen & spray paint on paper. 40x30cm. 2013.
This photo was taken by Bill Wyman of Brian Jones. I was involved in a group exhibition with Bill Wyman at Rook & Raven gallery where a bunch of us collaborated with Bill Wyman in reworking some of his photos for the show.
This was the first time I had ever attempted this technique and started the “Torn Series”.