Vintage Vogue Artworks

This work started me on the course to create the series of works “Vintage Vogue” which resulted in a solo exhibition at Rook & Raven Gallery in 2012.
More of the works from the series, which I still add to now and again, below.
Likely my best known artwork: “Audrey”, ballpoint pen & spray paint on paper, 2010.
It’s been featured on TV a couple of times as well as a magazine here and there. A limited edition of 100 prints sold out quite fast too.
You can view a video of the making of this artwork on YouTube here.
Audrey 3 wide


Ballpoint pen on paper, 45 x 33cm, 2012.
Drawing of Steve McQueen, drawn from photo of him that appeared on cover of Life magazine.
A limited edition of Giclee prnts (below middle) of this artwork sold out, so in 2014 I created a limited edition of lightbox prints from it (below right). Still some available.

“Hepburn Pearls”

Ballpoint pen and spray paint on paper. 65x45cm. 2012.
This was the center artwork at my solo exhibition Vintage Vogue at Rook & Raven Gallery in 2012.
I created a video showing process of creating this piece which you can watch on YouTube here.

“Coco Chanel” & “Flower Hat”


“Audrey Sunglasses” & “Audrey Vibes”

I’m often asked why Audrey Hepburn features so much in my work. A boring short answer is that it’s because there is a huge range of imagery of her that is accessible both online and in print to work from. More so than most other people during that period in time.
A better short answer is that it’s because she represents classy (her being English is important to me also) effortless style that we don’t get these days.



“Feather Hat Model”


“Audrey Window”

Ballpoint pen, spray paint, acrylic pen on paper, 60x45cm, 2013.


“Tripp On Beach”

Ballpoint pen, spray paint, pencil and paint pen on paper. 70x50cm. 2012.

“Jean Paul B”

Ballpoint pen on paper. 45x45cm. 2013.
French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo