Vermeer’s “The Girl With a Pearl Earring”

In 2010 I collaborated with BIC to recreate this Vermeer painting in ballpoint pen (which they manufacture). The video of it went viral with over 720,000 hits which you can view on YouTube here.
There was a lot of press coverage over the drawing at the time.
London’s Metro paper, Telegraph online, Express online, Sun online. Also mentioned on Radio 1, and then a televised feature on ITV London Tonight. In 2010 I was the only artist working in ballpoint pen this way in the UK. More common now however.

“Reflecting Bond”

Ballpoint pen and paints on card. 62x42cm. 2012. Sold.
This artwork was created in collaboration with the famous photographer Terry O’neill, for hos “Reworked” show at Rook And Raven gallery
A drawing from Terry O’Neill‘s original photo of Sean Connery as James Bond, Which he shot on the set of Diamonds Are Forever.
The piece accompanied Terry on an interview he did with UK’s ITV news channel (see below) and was featured in the UK’s Telegraph magazine.

“Hepburn Currency”

Ballpoint pen on Giclee print 90x70cm (inc frame). 2014. Sold.
Biro drawing over blown up (digitally altered) print of a $1000 bill.

“London 07″

Ballpoint pen on paper. 130x80cm. 2007. Sold.
The above drawing took over 310 hours to complete. It was done as a commission back in 2007 but is still my most time intensive artwork to date. Below the main drawing above there is a detail strip showing a zoomed in area from the bottom right corner of the drawing (Sloane Square tube).


Ballpoint pen on paper. 60x50cm. 2014. Sold.
Photo realistic drawing of Clint Eastwood from “The Good The Bad & The Ugly”. Approx 114 hours pen on paper time…
Tutorial style YouTube video showing the making of this drawing here.


Ballpoint pen on paper. 24x20cm. 2013. Sold.

“Baroque Urn”

Ballpoint pen & spray paint on paper. 15x10cm. 2010. Sold.

“Samurai Jidai”

Ballpoint pen on paper. 40x55cm. 2009. Sold.

“Fox & Furs”