Generation X

“Girl You’ll be a Woman Soon”

Ballpoint pen & mixed media on card. 38x38cm (not inc frame),


The Blue X behind Kate Moss (below) stands for Nineteen Ninety X (or 199something) which is when Kate Moss came to power and when I began drawing properly.
The 1990s is my favorite decade for lots of simple reasons (my rebellious teens). So the X also for GENERATION X.
There is a limited edition of this artwork available to be ordered here.

“Han Solo”

Ballpoint pen, paint pen, spray paint on paper, 80x60cm, 2014.
This was a fun commission. 75 hours of time well spent. Difficult to scale up an artwork with clear definition when working from a small film still from the 1980’s taken off the internet, but worked out well here.
I redesigned this piece into a new artwork specifically for a limited edition print which you can check out here.

“Pink KM” and “Our Heavenly Kate”

Both Ballpoint pen & spray paint on card. 2012.
The above two Kate Moss drawings are from Calvin Klein adverts which seemed to be everywhere in the mid nineties…


Ballpoint and paint pen on card. 60x40cm. 2010.
Natalie Portman played Mathilda in Luc Besson’s 90’s cult classic film LEON.


Ballpoint pen, spray paint, & Krink ink on paper. 40x30cm. 2011.
My favorite artist Jean Michel Basquiat. I wrote my first art essay on him in back in 1998.

“JRM to The Moss”

Ballpoint pen on paper. 50x60cm. 2009.

“One Moment” & “Trip Girl 2″


“Miss Moss”

Ballpoint pen on paper. 50cmx70cm. 2008.
Limited edition prints for this artwork available to order here.


ballpoint pen on paper, 35x30cm, 2013.
Drawn from a photo taken by Bill Wyman in 1979. I created the artwork in collaboration with Bill Wyman (ex Rolling Stones) for his photography exhibition at Rook & Raven gallery.
Above right, Bill Wyman and actor John Hurt check out the drawing before the exhibition opened.

“An Edge That Cuts”

Ballpoint pen on paper. 85x35cm. 2008.
Detail image of top right hand corner below.

“Basquiat 2″

Ballpoint pen, spray paint, & acrylic on paper. 65x55cm. 2014.