SKY Series

The Sky in general features a lot in my work. But a bunch of them, here, are more focused on it. The inspiration behind it all is from a Zen Buddhist saying:

“The true nature of your mind is like that of the sky”.

So the sky is there in each artwork. Each artwork is linked together by the clouds under the sky in different places and times.
The clouds are meant to closely resemble traditional Tibetan clouds that you’d see in their Buddhist paintings.

“Samsara & The City”

Ballpoint pen, fine marker, spray paint, acrylic, and gold leaf on mount board. 85x60cm (unframed). 2015. Sold.
This artwork took about 11 weeks to create, 10 weeks drawing London city in biro & fine marker pens. For more information see here. Or just watch a video made for this/ around this piece below:

“Sky Time”

Ballpoint pen, spray paint, and markers on paper. 2011. Sold.
I created 4 AP prints of this piece. I put 1/4 (an XL version) into a charity art auction at The Houses of Parliament in December 2014. It was called Smile Britania and was organized by London Westbank Gallery. My one (shown below next a work by Goldie) went for almost three times over the estimate I’m proud to say. All money went to charity :)

“Sky Foundation”

Hijomi castle, Japan.
Ballpoint pen & spray paints on paper. 70x50cm. 2010. Sold. Detail below.

“Sky Sound”

Ballpoints and spray paint on paper, 50x35cm, 2009. Sold.
Tibetan, Yellow Hat Sect monk, administrating the transcendental sky sound.

“Interviewer: ‘Do you think of yourself as Chinese or North American?’

“Bruce Lee: ‘I think of myself as a human being, because under the sky we are one family, it just so happens we look different.’”

“Sky Elephant 01″

Black biro, paint pen, spray paints on card. 60x42cm. 2009. Sold.

“Sky Lovin” & “Sky Signaler”


“Above The Clouds” by Inspectah Deck, Gang Starr ( • )